H A R P A R A T U S ™

Assembled in the U.S. with U.S. and Imported Parts

About the Harparatus™

Playing harmonica with a neck brace is clunky and never sounds as good as it should, especially live on stage. I developed the Harparatus to solve these issues, and the musicians and sound engineers who've worked with it all love it and agree:  This is a great invention. 

Today’s ‘Maker Movement’ Is The New Industrial Revolution

3D printing and computer-driven tools have enabled a Maker's Revolution that allows artists like myself to manufacture and bring their ideas to market keeping much of the process and work here in the U.S. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

American Innovation Assembled in Minneapolis

The majority of parts are custom made by myself and local fabricators. I also repurpose an imported mic clip and quick-release lever. Each Harparatus is then finished and assembled by me in my workshop / recording studio.

Harparatus.com established 2001

The Harparatus predates its
competitors by years