H A R P A R A T U S ™

Harmonica usually finds a place in the songs I write and record. Sometimes the harp part comes to me first and the song evolves around it.    

Rooflines and Chimney Stacks is a work in progress.  I'll post my songs here, some finished, some rough mixes, and I welcome your comments. Please feel free to download the songs and contribute what you can toward the completion of this project.  

Thanks for your support of the Harparatus and my music.

— Sal Inski  

Afternoon Song

Old Dog Town



"From the "Blood on the Tracks" feel of the song's intro, to its final words, where Inski drops a topical reference that left me stunned and moved ...

... his unique hooks, his sense of melody, the tasteful production, all of that immediately set this song apart from the rest of the crowd."

— Scott Wooldridge
Music Writer