H A R P A R A T U S ™

Innovative System

The Harparatus™ is the original and patented mic stand harmonica system.  It's design is simple yet fully adjustable and functional, mounting quickly to your mic stand it holds your harmonica firmly in front of you. The Harparatus replaces your old style wire neck brace.

A unique sound baffle system allows you to use your existing vocal mic or optionally direct harmonica sounds to a small dedicated harmonica microphone.  Adding this secondary microphone then allows for separate volume, EQ, and effects processing to your amp or mix board. (microphones not included) 

Most of all the Harparatus improves your performance and expands the possibilities for your amplified sound!

[ 1 ]

[ 1 ] Used with your existing vocal microphone the acoustic baffle directs harmonica sound.

[ 2 ]

[ 2 ] Used with a dedicated harmonica microphone the baffle helps isolate your harmonica from vocals.

[ 3 ]

[ 3 ] Two strong neodymium magnets hold your harmonicas firmly above or below the sound baffle.  This magnet system allows for quick and easy harmonica changes.

For stage or studio this is the professional harmonica holder!

The Harparatus predates its
competitors by years.


Two strong neodymium magnets hold your harmonicas firmly but allow for quick changes.

It's also possible to use both sides of the sound baffle for multiple harmonica combinations.

Simple design

- Adjustable 
- Functional
- Adaptable

- Multi purpose
    acoustic sound baffle